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Need an extra room in the office or at home? Drywall partition is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to create new functional spaces or restructure existing space.

And if you have specific needs such as soundproofing a private meeting room or insulating a partition wall with fire-retardant material, our experienced drywall craftsmen at Chian Jin Building Contractor Pte Ltd will be able to install the partition wall according to your exact specifications. A partition wall is a vertical panel made of lightweight material that divides space.

Our craftsmen are trained to install drywall partitions from different gypsum board manufacturers, but notably, from reputable brands such as Boral, Gyproc and UCC. To make a drywall partition soundproof or heat-resistant, the partition wall is reinforced by appropriate insulation materials.

Chian Jin is an experienced drywall partition contractor in Singapore which has been servicing both residential (HDB, landed and condominium owners) and commercial clients in Singapore for over 20 years. Chian Jin Building Contractor Pte Ltd is a registered drywall partition trade contractor with BCA Singapore.

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Our Professional Drywall Services:

  • Residential drywall installation and repairs
  • Commercial drywall installation and repairs
  • False ceiling installation


What makes Chian Jin a better choice for your drywall installation?

  • Excellent craftsmanship

Our drywall partition craftsmen have undergone at least one year of one-the-job training. New drywall apprentices are required to work alongside experienced mentors to ensure quality workmanship at all times.

  • Consistent finish with technology

In addition to manual sanding which requires a high level of skill and experience, we also utiliseadvanced drywall equipment such as the drywall sandar machine to ensure all partition wall surfaces have the same superior polished finish. 

  • Affordability

Our drywall partition services offer excellent value-for-money, considering the superior workmanship and high quality materials.

  • Wide choice of insulation materials

Clients can choose from a wide range of insulation materials for the drywall partitions such as fiberglass, rock wool and insulating laminates for thermal or sound insulation.

  • Timely delivery

We take pride in delivering every project on time – with quality and professionalism.


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