About Chian Jin Building Contractor - Drywall & Roofing Specialist

Our Story

Chian Jin Building Contractor Pte Ltd began as a roofing specialist. It was established in Singapore in 1996 by Mr Ng Thiam Lai, a veteran roof installer for over 20 years. The drive to be the best roofing specialist in Singapore had motivated Ng to start his own company specialising in metal roofing installation and roof repair.

Ng’s skills as a master roof installer were honed during the 1970s and 80s’ construction boom in Singapore. His outstanding workmanship led him to be appointed as team leader overseeing the metal roofing installations at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal One which was completed in 1981.

In 2004, eight years after founding Chian Jin Building Contractor, Ng set up Chian Jin Roofing System Pte Ltd to cement its reputation as a leading quality roofing specialist in Singapore. As the company grew, drywall partition and laminate flooring works were added to Chian Jin’s core business of metal roofing installation, roof repair and service.

In 2014, Chian Jin Plasterceil Pte Ltd was formed to meet the increasing demand for architectural interior works such as false ceilings, plaster ceilings and laminate flooring.

Over the years, Chian Jin Building Contractor has built a solid reputation as a reliable contractor that offers building professionals, developers, home and business property owners -  a one-stop solution for metal roofing installation, drywal partitioning and laminate flooring services


Management Team

At the helm of the company is our Founder and Chairman, Mr Ng Thiam Lai.

Managing the company’s day-to-day operations is Managing Director Ng Shi Yong who has worked his way up from site supervisor and project manager to project director over a span of eight years under the Chairman’s mentorship.

Innovation, technology and continuous staff training are key drivers of the company’s continued success under Shi Yong’s leadership. Shi Yong has a Diploma in Microelectronics and Bachelor of Information Technology degree from the RMIT, Australia.

Today, the Chian Jin group of companies has a 50-strong staff strength, comprising a highly-skilled roofing, drywall and laminate flooring installation crew and a support team of site supervisors, project director, quantity surveyor, and administration staff.


Our Vision

  • To be the preferred contractor for metal roofing, drywall and laminate flooring works in Singapore


Our Mission

  • To develop a multi-skilled team of tradesmen with strong technical skills in installing metal roofing systems, drywall partitions and laminate flooring
  • To develop a company committed to delivering quality workmanship and excellent customer service


Our Core Values

  1. Safety

As a roofing specialist, safety is a priority. We aim to maintain our 100% safety record. Being bizSafe Star and OHSAS 18001 certified shows we have a rigorous occupational health and safety management system in place.

  1. Innovation & Technology

We invest heavily in advanced machinery and technology as worker safety, well-being and productivity are critical to our business success. Machinery includes drywall sandar and telescopic boom crane (for aerial metal roofing works).

  1. Quality

Being quality-conscious is in our company’s DNA. Quality is clearly visible in our fine workmanship, proactive customer service and choice of materials from established suppliers.

  1. Price

We provide quality service and excellent value to clients at competitive pricing.

  1. Customer satisfaction

We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and we take great pride in executing our services to a high level of workmanship and craftsmanship.

We are committed to provide prompt installation, maintenance and repairs for all metal roofing, drywall and laminate flooring projects, regardless of project size.

  1. Timeliness

We start and finish projects on time, and respond promptly to enquiries within one working day.


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